How to wire a 2-wire ignition switch?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by rjriggs, Sep 29, 2015.

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    I have a 2-wire keyed ignition switch I got off EBay. It looks like it came off of one of those little ride-on electric scooters. I want to add it to my bike because I'm going to be riding it all day, and it's going to be chained up in front of the store for 5-8 hours a day. I know hot-wiring one of these things would be pretty easy, but I want a keyed ignition switch regardless. I assume I could just use it in place of the kill switch, but I want to ask first to make sure I don't destroy the CDI or something. :goofy:

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    only thing to be careful of is that the spark voltage travels thru it - depending on how it is wired inside, you may find that touching the key to turn it off gives a shock
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    I have a lockable trunk on the back of my bike and would like to put the ignition switch inside the trunk. Would the length of the wire affect the CDI in any way?
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    i put one on mine. its from a pocket bike or something. take one of the wires from the engine, attach one side to one side of the keyed switch, and use the other side of the keyed switch as if it were the wire you attached it to. basically pretend the two wires on the switch are just one long wire. works fine for me. your just basically breaking the connection of the wire whenever the key isnt in. and whenever you turn it on your completing the connection.

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    Do what I did, depending on your switch you can actually use it as a kill switch, so that turning it "on" is really doing the job of a kill switch by closing the connection and PREVENTING power from reaching the cdi.

    The funny part is if somebody thought they were smart they would cut the wires and connect the 2 together, inadvertently closing the killswitch circuit, stopping the bike from even starting.

    If you mount it to the handle bars do what I did and add some extra wires to the enclosure, and route them around the bike to odd places, maybe tape them to the engine wires with black electrical tape without actually connecting the wire, just looks like a connection because it's covered in tape.

    That'll keep them scratching their heads.

    I now use the locking cdi unit from sick bike parts, so the other version is not needed for me.