How was your ride today?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by locksmith, Sep 23, 2013.

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    This thread is like the "what did you do to your bike today" thread, but for memorable experiences or rides rather than modifications... Anything from a thumbs up from a girl to an off road adventure

    Mine adrenaline rush happened today. I was sitting in a boring ass medieval history class when i realized i didn't have money for my afternoon iced coffee. There was 20 min left in class and i start work right after. I couldn't go monday afternoon without coffee, so I jumped out of class with my laptop and bookbag still on the desk, got on my bike and rode home for my wallet. There were no cars on the road, so i got out of the bike lane at WOT and got home in about 6 min... Not bad considering all the hills and that it's 2 miles away.

    I ran inside, grabbed several bucks and mounted tanaka. Since I didn't have my heavy ass bookbag, I drove more aggressively. Places you go are the most exciting part of a motorized bike.... I absolutely love backroads and my whole route to school is a combination of alleys, bike trails and empty sidewalks. I just love the excitement of going out of a corner at WOT while ducking tree branches. This is in the alley parallel to the main road. Then I cross the main road through a path on a park to launch right up a hill. The sidewalks were empty (I can see ~ a 1/2 mile ahead to watch pedestrians), so I pretty much hit WOT again while weaving within the narrow confines and turns of a sidewalk. I got back on the main road and rode back in. Once I killed the engine, I pedaled to the bike rack and walked back in... Only 15 minutes elapsed. I loaned my friend my sd card, otherwise i'd record video. I got back with 5 min left in class haha

    Thanks motorized bike for saving the day. I guess i'm addicted to coffee lol

    Let's hear your stories!

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    my NT carb kept flooding about a mile away from home, pedaled it home. going to look at it tommorow.

    started flooding right by the park so i shut the fuel valve and went fishin' for a few.
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    Colder than heck!! Man when they said first day of autumn they were not kidding. Time to start getting used to it again.

    We need to invent some heated grips.
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    Rode up and down a mountain in San Francisco on the way to work, ended up missing the left turn that bikes are supposed to take off the busy, tight, 2 lane road in rushhour traffic. I kept going straight in the fast lane, hugging the left wall, while getting passed by cars on my right. That was scary, didn't want to look over my shoulder to try and at least be all the way on the right for some reason, I just bore down, got my bike up to 30 and prayed. Thankfully 30 was fast enough to survive, luckily it was down hill. Now I know the route, won't make that mistake again.
    Besides that my bike is running like a champ. I finally feel like I can count on it. What a great feeling. So excited for any reason to ride it somewhere.
    Oh, and I regular pedaled with a group of bikers on their commute in the morning which was almost as much fun as motor assisted riding. I felt like a ninja, who at any time could lurch out from my position in the back of the group and be gone in an instant.
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    6 miles home @0700 in Phoenix Traffic... Had to pass a cop who pulled over some driver likely for speeding in the school zone. cool morning in the 60's. 25 min ride..

    6 miles into work tonight.. Again nice ride.. bit warm in the 90's.

    Ride to work the other night had a guy run a red left turn arrow and almost take me out.. in daylight. I had the green light, walk sign, and was in the crosswalk.
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    went roadside shopping, found a nice chainsaw :)

    and a coupla frames.
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    Just got back from my longest ride yet, 167 miles.One sore butt.Zero problems,... ZERO!
    Average speed: 22mph
    Fuel consumption: roughly 1.5 gallons
    Time in the saddle: 7:19 hours
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    One day In July I rode my tiny 16" weed eater bike to my friends house, which is around 22km away. When I got there, my homemade gearbox was leaking oil. I fixed that up nicely with some hot and sticky road tar I picked off the ground:jester:

    Then I started up the bike, and the pull start snapped. I couldn't take the pull start apart, because I had welded the clutch bell on (couldn't slip off the housing, even if I tried. So I managed to get a knife stuck between some vent slits in the housing so I could get the pull start string out. But I couldn't get it to fit through the original hole because it was all frayed. So I pulled it out the vent slit and tied on the handle. But since the spring wasn't wound, it would only retract 1/2 in. So I tied it around the seat post.

    I took it for a short ride, and it started POURING (we got a huge storm that day that left 80% of Mississauga without power). The raindrops hurt it was raining so hard. I was going pretty fast, and had to hop a curb to get up to a small pedestrian bridge that connects two roads. And that was the day I found out that my brakes didnt work AT ALL when wet. I hit the curb at around 45kmh, and when the curb is almost 1/2 the height of your front wheel, it doesn't just roll over. I couldn't hop the curb normally because my foot pegs were made out of a 3/4" dowel and would break if I stood on them lol) I basically stood up on the ground right as the bike hit so that The bike didn't have my weight on it, and the front tire bounced off the curb like an Indian rubber ball and the bike's rear end flew up and hit me in the back! (I was still holding the handlebars so the bike just rotated around where I was still holding)
    The front tire was a potato-chipped wobbly mess after that, but I adjusted the spokes and got it down to about 1cm of wobble
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    Nice stories guys! Good to hear.

    Here's a video of my morning ride... I'm usually more aggressive, but it's hard to lean much with a 35 lb bookbag lol. If y'all want, i can start a video log. Watch in 720p!

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