How we get around bike laws? We make 'em up as we go


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How do you get around the ala bike laws from the info I can get it is still classified as a motor vehicle needing registration and motorcycle endorsments If I'm wrong please tell me how you get around it.

I've kind of been busy electioneering (we won btw)...Now doing some serious pre-Inauguration parade planning, e-mailing the Buffalo Soldiers, from the Battle of Selma Bridge celebrations Mar 07.

So anyway, I got a lot of private mails, like this one above from jtotten thought I'd pass on a little MB lore or myth, whatever you want to call it....

A two bit town about 3 counties south wrote up one of my customers, declaring it was a mo-ped, while Greg correctly said it was a motor assisted bike....

Greg calls me to stratergize.

This might be only relevant to us 35cc folks, but at least you'll know the myth. Pass it along to a future hassling officer, if you choose.

He had a friend who had a mo-ped which didn't run, but I told him it wouldn't matter, we only needed a picture.

At his first appearance in municipal court, he stood up and pled not guilty. He carried 2 photographs to the judge, (his bike and the mo-ped), and 3 filled in subpeonae, 1 each for the majority leaders of the Alabama Senate and Legislature, and the 3rd for Gov. Bob Riley.

Cost him $3 to notarize/file with the clerk. That impressed the judge, I guess.

The judge took a moment to look over the citation, called the DA to the bench, where the judge showed the DA the 3 subpeonae.

(I wasn't there, so I'm paraphrasing Greg's version of events.)

The judge asks him "wassup?"

Greg tells him about the conversation with the officer and the dispute with the citation. He points to the photos as the big diff, explaining the concept of "bike pedaling".

The judge waves one of the subpeonae, "wassthis?".

Greg says he wants the folks who wrote the law to be in the front of the courthouse on the trial date. He is then going to have those three, and the arresting officer, to each pedal the moped one time around the courthouse square, while he (Greg) pedaled his bike ten laps around.

Then he would ask the judge to make a verdict as to a mo-ped was or was not a bicycle, because it probably couldn't be pedaled one circuit, much less four.

And the demonstration would be no longer than 15 minutes long.

Oh, he quickly offered that if the judge wanted to call the arresting officer today, he had the mo-ped outside, and he could save the Governor the trouble.

Apparently the officer is a bit chubby, as the judge knew full well.

The judge looks at the DA "whachagoingdoaboutit?".......shrug.....wink, nod, scratch, shrug.....

Judge says "case dismissed."

Greg somehow got a copy of it, now carries it with him in his kit bag next to his spare belt, wrapped in cellophane.

He's got MBimmunity.
It is funny how obvious something can be to some people and so much less so to others. I like how this case turned out though.
What I'm curious about is how Bamabikeguy is geting through all these various states with his MB and never making any mention of Police pulling him over. The laws regarding their use vary greatly from state in terms of having Insurance or tail lights,fenders,and a host of other requirements not mandatory in all states, but just for the chosen few. California, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, Indiana, Oregon, Vermont, to name a few all require liability insurance. I'm wondering how does he get by all the different law men that observe him as he travels through there domain.
When I painted my engine cover blue, most folks never realized I had a motor, I was on the back roads mostly, and Georgia has, like, 154 itty bitty counties, 2nd only to Texas.

MBedit: 159 counties, to be exact, Texas has 254, corporations and carpetbaggers carved it up like a meat cutter does bologna.

I like to have autos focus on my pedals, so I often peddle backwards tooling at 15mph through towns, giving the locals a scratch the head moment. But I let the traffic get in front of me, then hit green lights at an 80-90% success rate.


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bikeguy you right on the tracks. there arent many people out there looking for loopholes anymore and working through them. most people tell if you cant get it registered then forget about it. ive been around one year and i am still working on how to get things fixed for my mb/Moped. i mean if people can build huge cars and bikes in thier home garages and can get those things registered n everything then why cant we get the mbs/mopeds registered even though they have all the required equipments. rrrrggggggggg.