How/Where to get one of those seats that sit further back? (example pic included)

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by powerstroke, Mar 14, 2014.

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    What are they called?

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    Houston Motorized something? :p Sorry sorry! couldn't resist (it's that time of night)

    It's a layback seatpost. Can get them for BMX bikes. Found on many older BMX bikes and cheap ones. Likely hard to find in any size other than 1", but if that's what you need then a good old fashioned LBS or even yard sales. They fit to those (awful) old fasioned seat clamps that have pretty limitless angle adjustment, clunky but fine for just sitting on if you keep it very very tight.
    That one looks like a homemade one as it has a very long, very laid back layback section, and external reinforcement around the weld which I don't remember seeing on OEM/commercial ones.
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    Remember, when going for a "look/style" that form messes with function.Sitting further back will take some of your front traction away, be EXTRA careful on sharp turns if you have a layback seat, the slightest grit/dirt under the front wheel will send you to the pavement on sharp turns.Dirt riding also becomes dicey when riding layback/crank-forward/LWB recumbent.
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    A lot of shops and on line vendors can sell you a "layback" seat post. You can also move the seat rearward yourself.
    Attach the very front of the seat to the seat post and fab a support for the rear of the seat. I used a shock from a pocket
    rocket for the rear support. As the Gremlin said, the bike will not corner as well with your body weight moved rearward.
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    You can use a cut-off section of handlebar as a layback seatpost.
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    I like that! :D
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    Thanks for the answers people. It looks like if I mounted a seat to the laid back seat post, it would point straight up in the air. Although I have my doubts with that, I would assume it fits correctly otherwise they would not be sold like that. Nothing a bit of adjusting cant fix!