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    At this gentlemen's site is a set of pictures focusing on the living history part taken at the Kingsbury 2010 fly in. Scroll down a bit to get to the Kingsbury pics (they are the numbered ones although his other pics are quite interesting). They are not captioned yet. But you can find pics with the Kingsbury Special in them and see how the Kingsbury special fits in with the real old bikes, in one case it is with a French soldier with a 1920 Triumph (being started by a properly attired gentleman) and I had to do a double take it looked so good. Also note on the second page the googles on the driver--he kind of looks like a burglar with those black goggles but he could not resist. His name is Gus and he is the owner of all the pics.

    We hope to have the red Choctaw (indian tribute) and yellow Cyclone tribute there with these motorcycles and the KS in the spring.

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    cool stuff, i realy like the side car i realy would like to build one!
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    I know for the Indian, one has to add some clutch springs to enable proper operation as the sidecar is pretty massive. I wonder if a 3.5 engine could pull a sidecar....then again maybe if one built it as the sidecar as an integral part of the bike, one could stick in a 5-8HP engine. Pedaling would be tough though, although in Asia they get it done, maybe pedals could be added to the sidecar so the passenger could assist in starting.