Howard sprocket adapter for sale

I paid $75 for this adapter new. It will fit the older Huffy cranbrook rear hubs (not sure exactly when, but Huffy recently changed to the Shimano cb110 copies on their rear wheels, so this adapter wont fit newer cranbrook hubs. Easy way to tell is to measure the distance between the spoke flanges. If its 2", this adapter will fit. If its 1.95, it wont). This adapter may also fit other hubs besides the cranbrook hub, just measure your hub to see. It is for coaster brake hubs only, and accepts the 9 hole kit sprockets. I am including with the adapter a lightly used 44t sprocket and all the necessary mounting hardware. The price is $50 FIRM plus shipping, and I accept paypal only. If interested or have questions, please send me a pm. The adapter is ready to ship. The only reason I am selling is because the wheel I was using it on didn't work out very well for my use, and I switched to a different wheel and Manic adapter.