Howard sprocket mount-Parts are now in stock

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    As I do not yet have a website, I hope that the sitemeisters here forgive my shameless plug for the aforementioned sprocket mount. Currently I have 17 sets of these things complete with spacers, hardware and instructions. They will fit Huffy Cranbrook and Worksman coaster brake monospeed hubs without issue- I will be looking into other hubs and compatability issues as things develop. The shop that does the programming can alter the interior radius cut to fit a number of hubs. Please note- when I fitted the prototype from the CNC shop to a Cranny, I GREASED THE OUTSIDE OF THE HUB to make it fail! It refused to do so. The first 17 people who contact me at and place an order will recieve these beauties. $55 plus S&H- from eastern Washington.
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    to the moderators- thank you for placing my plug in the appropriate place. I had the 'child on Christmas morning' situation going on when I posted.
    the Old Sgt.:dunce:
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    for those who missed the origional shots- here are the units minus the spacers that reach between the spokes. Sets come with the three milled blocks, six 5/16x2.5" coarse thread bolts and nine spacers. You will need a 13mm or 1/2" socket to mount these along with a set of feeler gauges and a 10mm socket, a torque wrench that can measure about 20ftlbs of torque and a means of opening up the center hole in the HT sprocket.
    Sorry it took so long, my main computer is off it's meds and has gone paraniod about imagery.
    the Old Sgt.

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    Will also fit the Schwinn Delmar AND the LaJolla Monospeed cruiser
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    At our age I'm kinda suprised we still remember what that feels like. :jester:
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    At our age I'm kinda suprised we still remember what that feels like.:jester:

    the fact that we drop motors onto bicycles and then RIDE the silly things is sufficiant indication that few/none of us have sufficiantly forfeited our childhoods!:jester:
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    Do you think this will fit a Shimano Acera FH~m290? Thanks
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    Howard Sprocket mount

    The hub's center hole measures 1.523". You will have to measure your hub to find out. I'm not gonna hold my breath, It has to be pretty much exact to fit.
    Big Red.