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    image verification before posting? i hope that doesnt last very long.

    anyway, before that set me off, i was going to say,

    hi, im just getting into building mopeds. i used to ride and work on mopeds, but this is the first time i'm building my own. i run a lawn business, and decided to take the MTD 31cc off of an old weed whacker and put it on a mountain bike.

    i'm still figuring out ways to engineer it for use of peddling (to start it and backup if run out of gas) and take advantage of the gears/speeds. there are some "decent" at best videos out there on youtube about bikes, but many of them are just kids showing off what they thru together with a friction drive, something that does not interest me at all. most of the kids who do that dont show their bikes in action either.

    anyway, i have pretty ambitious plans once i get the motor mounted, which is the second order of business after figuring out how to run it with the peddles in place and operative.

    currently i am thinking to rig a pulley to the back tire on the opposite side of the speed gears. from there i can drive this pulley via a belt connected to another pulley mounted onto the drive shaft of the motor. this would keep the peddles in effect for starting it, however i would not have access to using the gears, as the chain will not be driving, hence in effect it will be in an idle or coast mode.

    second line of thought is to remove at least the left side pedal. connect the drive shaft pulley system to the left pedal to act as a jack-shaft, to drive the pedal gear system. this would allow me to harness the power of the speeds. if i can luck out and kick start the motor with teh right side peddle, than that would be a complete success for me. i wont worry much about having both pedals if that works because it's pretty hard to run out of gas on small engine bikes.

    i would really appreciate some feedback from the members here. i have been scouring the boards for a few weeks now before singing up, and can see that a lot of you guys here have a strong knowledge in this stuff. i have seen some *****in rides on here recently.

    anyway, holler back anyone when you have the time. great to be here, and after writing, i'm not thrown off about the image verification thing now. i do hope thats not permanent, though. :)

    oh yeah, that image verification is going to have to go. one error in typing it already. :thinking:

    the idea:
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  2. OlliesDaddy

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    this is the idea that i want to achieve before i build my ride. any thoughts on how to do this without ordering a kit?

    as well, please chime in on my primary thread ideas. thanks. :)
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    The image thing will go away after you post some more (anti-spam thing?). If you connect the engine to the pedal crank without a freewheel- you will be forced to pedal with the engine when it is propelling you. There is a "Shift kit" for the chinese kits that use a pedal crank freewheel. Something along that line would work (look at the advertisers for Sick bike parts).

    If you go with a belt drive to the back wheel (a rim bonded to your rim works well as a pulley) you can do a simple belt drive off the wacker.
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    i had another post in this thread. anyone going to verify it for me?
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    Oh yeah sorry about that I think I had the settings a little too harsh.