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    This is the first I've posted on this forum. I've gleaned info on it this past year as a lurker....but figured it's time to contribute and pass on a few things I've learned.

    I love motorized bikes! From my first attempts at lawn mower engines on single speeds as a kid...and the resulting loss of much skin.... to replacing the family car with motorized bikes for the entire family. Motorized bikes are our main form of transportation. Combined with bike trailers....we're able to do all the shopping etc and save money and have a great time. There's nothing that puts a smile on your face quite like a motored bike ride.

    I live in Portland Oregon ...which is very bike friendly. Plenty of bike lanes...relatively careful auto drivers and many fellow bikers.

    At present I have 5 motorized bicycles in the family motor pool. They are all different...but in general are mid engines I've built and all are used on a daily basis.

    I've probably made up nearly 20 motorized bikes over the years. The main thing I've two are the same...LOL.

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