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    Hi guys, im brendon from Dunedin, New Zealand.

    Have built an HT 49cc, with currently some minor mods (baffle removal, porting matching, carb fixing, new clutch lever). I am in the process of building a jackshaft kit for the bike with some help from my brother who works at an engineering supply outfit, using a scooter freewheel. I plan to retain the 3 gears at the front of the bike for 21 speeds total. My bike is an older diamondback with deore LX gear throughout, in good condition - got it for roughly 35USD, which isnt bad i guess! i will eventually be upgrading the front to a disc brake and the rear to v-brakes, making a new tank with a fuel level guage to be mounted on a panner rack, and ill be getting front shocks. I'll be using rubberised mounts (screw in studs with rubber intermediate) to vibration damp soon, but the shift kit is the first step. Having fun already, but dunedin is full of some pretty steep hills so i need to have a good low range.

    My 2nd bike will be using a pocket bike motor + CVT on a rack mount.... I think im hooked already!

    I met a fellow mb'er the other day, randomly out in the middle of nowhere - dunedin is a small town of 110.000, and theres very few of us around, what are the odds!

    cheers :)

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    I doesn't take long, suddenly you find you possess 5 bikes and twenty wheels, have to start building a shed to hold it all.

    Welcome (and our unOfficial official MB movie is "The World's Fastest Indian")
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    welcome -- have fun as you ride the motor bike