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    Hey guys, I'm net to this forum and am impressed on all that is the world of motorized bikes. My son linked me to you guys, yea-- I'm an older fart, 54, but I have always messed around with bikes and whatnot sort of on my own. A couple of years ago I threw some bucks to the wind and picked up a 36 volt brushed front hub (600 watt I think) and went about building up a powered bike. My business is sorta weird which lets my latent tendancies of powering a bike not as unusual. I restor vintage motorhomes and doing this we are thrown in front off besses all the time with impossible projects.

    What you guys have done with bikes is really nothing short of super-- I have seen some cool set ups and ways to solve issues are very innovative. You can see the machine I built and some other strange things we do here on our web site, go to the "alternative transportation" page for the bike.

    On the "charging power for lights and whatever" thread my son put me to you over, I have a similar issues with a vintage motorcycle I play with, it is a circa 1938 German BMW design and the generator system is soooo bad that it will not keep up with the lights and ignition system as I drive. My solution was a simple one and many times simple is good. Since the darn thing will rattle your teeth out if you go far, I do not expect to ever see a reason to do so and in that light I do not need a totally sustainable electrical system. If it stays up for the length of a ride, my butt needs to rest for a while and since I will just about always be near an electrical outlet, I installed 2 yard tractor batteries on the bike and a "battery buddy" trickle charger. Whenever I rest, I let the bike charge and I have never been let down by no power.

    The "dtnamo" systems I see on your sites look super so link that with a trickle charger when the bike is near a plug and I can't see why that program would not yeild success. Yea, you would not be "off the grid" but hey, it's here, your tax dollars pay for it so why not tap off a little of the mans juice!

    With my electric bike, I can run @ 10 miles before I need a charge, I could go farther but I like to go flat out and as you know battery power is fickled and does not supply the way out petrolium based ideas of energy run. I used 3 yard tractor batteries in series and a 40 amp 12 volt charger and charge them in parallel. The system works well for what I need it for.

    OK, so what about adding a gas motor to my system, what would be the outcome? More speed, longer rides, a kick butt charging system when the big ole hub motor is not in use-- what would we have. Are there any machines with both eletric hub motors and a gas motor out there? Like I said, you guys are very new to me and I feel like an empty squeezed together sponge!

    Is there anyone here in Florida having thoughts like I do? My son is in Sierra Vista doing his thing with Spooky Tooth, seems like they have things happening there on motorized bikes. Like I said, I'm just impressed with what you guys are doing, keep it up

    Jim Bounds

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    Hi Jim and welcome aboard MBc, good to have ya.

    One of my long term goals is to complete a gas/elec hybrid and eventually I'll get to it, lol.
    In the meantime we have at least one member, Flapdoodle, who is currently working on one project.
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    Welcome to the forum. I have never done a gas/electric combo project, but remain interested in it.

    I would be interested in recharging the battery with braking energy, using a friction roller from a rack mount kit. In my 25 mile (one way) commute, I have a traffic light at least every mile. It would be nice to turn the traffic lights into a positive, by using the brakes to charge the battery.