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  1. terrence

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    Greetings, terrence here from Wisconsin. I started with a HT 2 years ago.
    Never went over 25 mph and still blew it up within 500 mi. (2months)
    Bought a GEBE R/S35 and have put on 1700 trouble free mi. (Orig belt)
    I love trucks/motorcycles but like many, enjoy seeing the world at a slower pace.
    Ive been snooping around here for 6 mo and worked up the courage to join.
    Im a mechanical person, and have torn down plenty of engines. I've been
    rich, poor, and poor'er so i've have to made something from nothing plenty of
    times. Thanks for the opportunity and nice to meet you all. terrence
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  2. stude13

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    welcome terrence; we will pick your brain if you dont watch out. still riding the gebe? mitch
  3. alternativefuel

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    Hi terrence, welcome. Many have switched to GEBE and many are die hard HT.
    Some HT's here have 2500 mi or more. Just the luck of the draw when buying one.
    Have fun here!
  4. terrence

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    Yes, My bike is just a cheap full suspension wally world. The bike is a filthy dirty mess, but I
    keep the air filter clean and gas fresh and the R/S just keeps running strong.
    The GEBE system is still perfect. Thanks for asking. terrence