Howdy Folks, new to the forum but not to mechanical/fabrication lifestyle.

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    Hi, just wanted to say thanks for allowing me to join and I hope to learn and participate in this new endeavor. It wasn't uncommon for me to put 100 miles a day on my 10 speed "English Racer" as we called them back in the Stone Age when I got out of High School.

    What brings me here is I'm trying to help out a friend who is traveling the country on his MB with a trailer and his dog and he rolled into Vegas in desperate need of repairs thanks to an unfriendly CHP officer who put him off the highway onto a dirt "road" in the desert. I will attempt to post pictures to illustrate parts I have questions about since I haven't got a handle on the lingo here yet.

    He's running a HS 142 49cc 4stroke at the moment mounted on a tandem frame pulling a smallish trailer his 50lb. dog rides in along with their worldly possessions. He is on his second transmission since setting up this bike in Phoenix last fall and hitting SoCal and cruising up the coast. I think you guys call it a WOOT, anyway the bearing behind the centrifugal clutch bellhousing in both is shot. One is destroyed and the other is very worn out and wobbly. I'd like to find a quality replacement bearing that will help him get back on the road so he can make it back to Ohio to honor a commitment. There are a number of other things I'm doing to the Limo but the bearing is the most pressing at the moment. Limo bike 2-2015 024.jpg Limo bike 2-2015 005.jpg
    BTW my friends call me Harpo
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    Welcome to the forum. Those hoot boxes on ebay go for about $25 if I'm looking at the right one. Maybe that's a better solution if money isn't too much of an issue. For bearings you might try gasbike, bikeberry, thatsdax or bicycle-engines. Good luck bro, you prove there's still some good folks left on the planet.
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    Ahh a Hoot instead of Woot thanks for straightening me out on that darwin. Money is a bit of an issue since he has none and I don't have very much plus I personally prefer repairing stuff rather than replacing it. If anyone knows a part # for the bearing it will help my search efforts. I believe I'll start a thread in the appropriate 4 stroke area instead of using space here in the intro. section.

    Thanks again for the welcome. :detective: