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    Hey Everybody - My name is Wolfie and I just joined this forum. I have built 3 bikes so far and have figured out most details, but now am struggling to find a transmission that will last. So far, I have burned through ~12 of the normal, cheap transmissions that seems to come standard with kits from EBay - those seem to have a lifespace of ~100 miles or so before the spindle-mount or transmission chain breaks. I have even tried a grubee 4G transmission that literally lasted 2 miles before coming apart. Unbelieveable piece of junk...

    Are there any transmissions out there that are worth a darn for the 4-stroke 49 cc Huangsheng engines with centrifugal clutch? Any advice would be very much appreciated...

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    Hi Wolfie welcome to the forum.

    You may get more answers if you ask your clutch question in a different section such as under 4-Stroke Engines. Which ever section seems most appropriate is the best place to ask. In fact there is a post in that forum which may be of interest to you! 4G centrifugal clutch