Howdy from just north of Washington D.C.

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    Got a 26", 21-speed mountain bike with Shimano V-Breaks for 41$ at a thrift store. This sucker is a beauty, and light as a feather too. The cable tube on rear break was bent up. it cost 2$ to fix. The frame is perfect for the Skyhawk slant 66cc kit which I've ordered from gas bikes. I went with the high performance carb. I have no idea why. The whole mess will total $245.00.

    I currently have a 1976 Demm Smily. I got it back in 2000 when I lived in VA Beach (US Navy). It's an Italian 48cc with some unique design features. The entire moped weighs in at 101Lbs, yet; that little engine can get it up to 35MPH. It has no performance modifications, the bike is all stock. I rebuilt the engine and replaced many chassis components, but it's all stock. I am going to give it away. I am tired of babying it and hunting down parts.

    The way I figure it, if I could keep a rare, antique going well enough to get me to and from school every day, then; I'll have no difficulty with the Grubee Kit on a Bicycle. I am a pretty good bike mechanic too.

    Anyway, I look forward to learning a lot here and can't wait for that kit to arrive.

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    Herman, welcome to MBc. I'd really like to See that old Italian bike take on a motor and really run...I'll bet it looks good, and I would 'double think' the idea of just giving it away (if you have the storage fore it.) But, it's your bike...even tho I don't know what you could get for it. Whatever you do...Good Luck!
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    keep it if you can...

    welcome to the forum..
    I second that "keep that little moped if you can"
    I think you'll be fixing your ride no matter what you ride.
    and unless you need the cash..
    your moped will increase in value from here on out.
    welcome to the forum
    enjoy and good luck.