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  1. Elizabeth16

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    Hey guys!

    So after a few weeks of looking at mopeds and scooters (the way to go to get around key west) after doing my daily 6 mile across the island commute on bike (one way), I got sick of thinking of spending $600 on something that hardly pushes 30 mph. I love my bike (even named her baby blue), and got this crazy idea of getting a motor and putting it on baby blue. Hence, here I am, ready to get crazy, and start representing motorized bikes among all the scooter madness here in Key West.

    first, here's the bike I've got right now. Huffy Women's Deluxe 1 speed cruiser. 26" frame, and 26" by 2.35 stock tires.

    I'm thinking adding the GT5 Pro Racer 2 stroke kit. Found here. Along with a backup brake system, just because of the cruiser brakes, and the amount of traffic I'll be with here. Also a nice DOT rated motorcycle helmet, of course.

    Anywho, you'll see me around. Any and all advice welcome.

  2. Bonefish

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    Not sure if a china girl 80/66cc engine will fit in that frame. For greater reliability, I would take off the back rack and rear fender and mount a friction drive. Wish ya well
  3. jaguar

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    you would have to cut off the top tube that spans the steering to the seat post and then weld in a similar sized tube that is straight in order for there to be enough room for the engine.
    2 strokes take a lot of mechanical skill/knowledge to maintenance and modify.
    I would recommend you get an expensive electric setup since there is no maintenance to an electric bike other than changing the batteries once a year.
  4. Elizabeth16

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    I have no problem working with 2 strokes... Thankfully I'm surrounded by gentlemen very versed in working with 2 and 4 stroke engines, as they all fix boats for a living. I see the problem with the frame- mount. Would it be possible to do the 66/80 on a rack mount in the back?

    Problem with electric is money for what you get, which is exactly why I'm not fixing my electric moped up. The electric kits I can afford + battery cost won't make my 12 mile round trip commute.
  5. Bonefish

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  6. Elizabeth16

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    Hm... Wondering if it might be best to sell baby blue and buy a bike better suited to hold the china girl kit? Definitely on the motorized bike trend but sadly have about a $300-$400 budget for whole build.
  7. butre

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    check junk yards and scrap meets for a more suitable frame, you can often get a good beefy steel frame for next to nothing
  8. Bonefish

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  9. Elizabeth16

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    How hard is it to take off the rack and rear fender? What's the speed on that roadbug friction drive?
  10. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    looks like they're welded on, so as easy as cutting it off
  11. Bonefish

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    With that 4 stroke Honda GX35 clone I linked you, you can expect speeds around 28 mph. Same as a china girl.
  12. Zen builder

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    Swap that bike for one that will accommodate the engine. It will save you bunches of money. You can always paint your new bike the color you want. Chances are , you can find a cruiser a color you like. I do like the tires though.
  13. noxuz

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    Jaguar, i have been searching you, i have read all your tuning tips for the motor, i need to ask you some questions about the jaguar cdi.
  14. Bonefish

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    Here is a pict. of my Blue Friction Drive. It hit 35mph.