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    Hi all,
    I completed my bike on 1/13/10 and have had a near perfect riding experience since. I guess it's because I took the time to assemble it right the first time. MY buddy from Seattle was here last week and rode the "Cactus Killer" and loved it. I got an email from him last night and he had already received his motor and was buying a bike. My question is does anyone have a preference between aluminum and steel frames? I have mine built on a Schwinn Jaguar frame which is steel. Any opinions would be greatly appreicated. Thanks for the forum. It's awesome

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    Hi Fast, welcome to Motoredbikes.
    This question came up a while ago. The one definite thing that I saw was, do not drill any holes in an aluminum frame.
    My preference is steel. I have lots of welds on mine. Frame legnthed , motor mounts, tabs, etc.
    Weight is simply not an issue when you have a gas engine. What is the weight advantage for alum? 3 or 4 pounds? Go steel.
  3. fastfestus

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    Hi Professor,
    Thanks for the info on the steel vs aluminum frame. My buddy thats building one has the aluminum. so should I tell him not to drill any holes in it for mounting the engine?
    Take Care,
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    Welcome...Thin steel frame that I enlarged the water bottle mounting hole caused me to have to do this.....


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    Aluminum frames have issues, serious issues, with vibration. They will stress crack and fatigue significantly faster than will a normal steel frame. As others have said, don't drill the tubes on an aluminum frame - at all. Frankly, given the nature of the materials and the near limits of performance that bikes approach encountering road hazards, it is a really bad idea to drill any tube frame, aluminum or steel.