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    Well, one day I was looking thru ebay and came across something I thought might be cool by accident and the next Im addicted ;)

    I just completed my first build - a boygofast ebay special on a Schwinn Jaguar ( no not the good one, the one from China) and It was an awesome experience. Some trial and error - some just junk parts :) The Clutch lever broke on the first pull. As a side note, Boygofast on ebay is really a terrible merchant. His response to the broken lever was -

    Rick Shi to me
    show details 8:51 PM
    the kit we sold with no warranty, it states in listing clearly.

    the russian style is the old style clutch
    the push button lever is new one

    To which my reply was -:

    I understand that. I figured since I had ordered an additional 200.00 in parts from your company and had planned on buying an additional 4 to 6 motors in the next 6 months - I have orders for that many completed bikes - you, as a merchant that wants my business could take care of that minor request.

    I now know your stance on taking care of your customers and the beauty of the free market economy is that the next 6 motor kits I purchase can be from the person that has the best customer service due to the fact that the price on ebay from all the different merchants such as zippy bike are all pretty close to the same price - he had a motor like this for sale -

    Oh wait..... that one was purchased by..... me. As well as the next 5 motors that I am planning on purchasing. Thanks for reminding me that the clutch you sold with the first kit I purchased from you has no warranty.


    After building the first one I had five friends that want to buy one - not build, cause that would be too much work but they will pay me ;)

    Awesome forum and I am glad I found a new hobby !

    David Suttton
    From Franklin TN

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    hey David, welcome aboard
    yeah some vendors are lacking in customer service, some are very good with customers.
    I'm sure with a little reading here, you'll find some good dealers, and find out who to stay away from.
    oh yeah, I'm in Memphis, nice to have another fellow volunteer state motor biker on the forum.
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    Welcome to MBc! As Nunyabidness said, you'll quickly find out who to deal with, and who to avoid. That said, there are some very good vendors on this forum. Give 'em a shout. They'd like to hear from you.