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    I had a 2 stroke moped back in the 80s and it was a ton of fun. Lately, with gas so expensive and Santa Fe being so small, and the weather usually being sunny it seemed like a great excuse to get another one.

    I had been talking about it for a couple weeks when my wife surprised me with an 80cc 2 stroke kit. (We have about 5 different bicycles in the garage that haven't been used much since my daughter was born 4 years ago and we all got a little fat. :grin5: So, it seemed better to turn a bike into a moped rather than get some old moped or some outrageously overpriced new one.)

    Hopefully, this will get me out on the bike more and I'll end up pedaling at least some of the time. That's another reason I wanted to mount it on an 18 speed mountain bike.

    So far the installation has gone well, even though I've had to customize the bike frame a bit (with a bfh). All these new bike frames are too large! Even this steel one. Don't the bikes come from China too? What's up with that?

    Anyway, my wiring is different from that described in the instructions (plus a possible clutch issue) so I searched and ended up here. Though, searching the forum I don't see anything like my issues.

    I hope nobody freaks out when I post my questions here in a sec.

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    The only dumb question is the one you don't ask. But, do like I did before alot of the post on here..alot of my questions were answered by reading and looking at the pics of other people's bikes. Even though I was building a tandem..alot of what was on here applied to my build. Good luck and have fun. Remember, double check all your bolts and use loctite
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    Thanks. I was so naive to think I could get a new motor and install it and be riding around in a couple hours. I had no idea that this whole thing was even a thing until I found this site. I thought I was the only weirdo that wanted a a 2 stroke on his bike! At least around here. Now I see there's even a dude making and selling them here in town.

    It's kind of a mixed blessing when I stumble into one of these things that some people seem to make a living at and/or take way too seriously, like on these sorts of forums. Heck, people seem to take forums in general way to seriously. Anyway, I kind of got that vibe when I signed up so that's why I was wary and thought people might freak out if I asked a simple question. (Like this is supposed to be some dreary library or just a database instead of an active forum!)

    I usually pick things up quickly so this delay won't slow me down much. But, I've decided to take my time now and get to know this engine and everything about it before I expect to be able to ride it because there apparently IS soooooo much that needs to be considered, even outright replaced, before these darn things are usable.

    So, yeah I'll be reading as much as I can the next few weeks, just like I have been for the past few days already. My head is swimming with upgrades I need now! :devilish:

    I'll do my best to keep quiet and read since that's what you guys want. But, I'm not so good at that so I'm fully expecting to get banned at some point. I see that some of the best material on this site was provide by banned members so I'd be in good company if that happens. All the best to all of you. Thanks for the kind welcome.:winkiss:
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    Welcome to the forum from one of the most banned guys on here!!! :devilish:

    Anton is the very new owner of this forum and all that banning stuff is
    in the past.
    There were some rocky times here but it's all good now so you
    can disregard all that stuff you read about getting banned.

    The staff here are cool, srdavo, loquin, Is KilroyCD still around?

    I first joined here as Forbisher in July 2008 and was banned in 2009.

    I can't even remember all the names I was banned under since then?

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    Hey, that's good to hear. Wow, looking at your sig, you guys actually race these? Nice. I wonder if they have them around here. It could be tons of fun in the desert or mountains.