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    Figured I would quit looking at all the locked forums and join up and try to learn more about yet another new hobby interest!:sweatdrop:

    Still looking for a bike to hack and researching the engine options.

    cheers and time for anothr IPA

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    hello fellow portlander.
  3. Arty

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    When I look for a donor bike, I go to the local metal recycler. They sell all their bikes for $20.00 regardless of condition.
    The last one I bought was a 21 speed mountain bike, like new including good tires. All that was wrong with it was lack of lubrication in the twist grip shifters.
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  4. mogogear

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    I am thinking just a single speed cruiser type at this point. As I have several hobbies going simultaneously ( distilling, live steam r/c boats and restoring a small sail boat) I am going to just surf CL for a good ( cheap ) bike for a while. Portland is full of em. To keep engine mounting mod's to minimum nothing crazy sized on down tubes, and maybe a top bar that is "tank like" in case it can be modded into a fuel tank as an option to a strap-on.....

    I can see the advantage to the larger tires on cruisers, steel frames ( stength & easier for me to weld if needed) and a coaster brake rear and a front brake ( disk would be sweet). As I am not the youngest guy on this forum ( and perhaps not quite the oldest) I like to go- but appreciate dependable stopping too :jester:

    So bike first - then I will tackle power plant options- I have marked a few options on ebay and will be reading som of the past input on recommendations. I am not a racer so medium speed is fine and like an older look. I may not go for a board track look per se, but I do confess I like something closer to that style.
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    Pawnshops are a good source for bikes, most have too many taking up space and want them gone.
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