Howdy from San Antonio, new to motor bikes

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    A few years ago I got a Straton friction drive with Subaru Robin 33.5cc engine but did not mount it on a bike.

    Finally I mounted it on a bike, a Trek mtb, no suspension, 27sp wide gear ratios. Tires are Gotham with thick tubes and lots of slime. This tire/tube/slime combo has a lot of rolling resistance. The motor setup mounted in about an hour, very easy.

    Mileage is 76 mi, .67 gal used, for 113 mpg average. Cruise speed is 16 to 21 mph, with low vibration. There is more vibration at slower speeds and 21.6 is as fast as I've gone. No speedo but I use a GPS and Strava on the phone, for speed, miles and time.

    From the beginning this setup has been reliable and powers the bike very well. One spoke loosened during a ride in the rain but that's it, the only problem.

    Caught out in the rain, the friction drive still worked, but I pedaled and just used assist power from the motor.

    Range, till out of gas, has been a low of 13.65 and a high of 18.5 miles. This is for the motor mounted fuel tank, usable fuel is about 520 ml, with no reserve. I have the Straton aux. tank but have not mounted it.

    Back in the saddle again, here in the Lone Star state!