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  1. Hello everyone. I built my first MB last year. It's a Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser with the Honda GXH50QHA from With a Stage III Gru-Bee 4 stroke install kit from I posted the pics & installation mods on the other forums website using the same name. Then I built a two stroke 66cc HT with dual start centrifugal clutch on my old work beater Diamond Back MTB which I sold recently because I needed money. Now I just completed a Specialized Hard Rock Pro MTB with dual disk brakes,front shock,19" aluminum frame,26" wheels,66cc pull start 2 stroke HT,and a SBP shift kit. The severe angle of the top & bottom tubes made the install a real challenge. The tubes are tapered also complicating things even more. I had to do alot of modifications to the SBP mounts and the engine mounts and the intake manifold mount to get the engine and SBP kit to fit in the narrow confines of the frame. It just barely fits in the frame. If anyone has any questions on the install I will be glad to help. I want to install a SBP chrome tuned pipe & a spooky tooth CNS carb because they are the only people I know of that sells it with the z-shaped intake manifold that I will need. I have a slant head also for it I'm gonna intall after the eng gets broken in. Thinking about fabricating a reed valve intake and porting mods for the engine also.
    My background includes building bikes since I was 7 years old. My Dad had a basement full of bikes & parts he used to get at auctions and I helped him change tires in his tire shop and tune up his vehicles etc. I had built go carts,mini bikes,etc. I remember pulling my first engine when I was 10 yrs old. I'm 45 yrs old now & have been a professional mechanic working at garages & ASE certified since I was 18 then in 1991 I became a FAA certificated Airframe and Powerplant mechanic to work on airplanes hence my name Jetenginethrust used in this forum and the other one.
    I really like riding around my neighborhood & lots of my neighbors waving hello,kids yelling they wanna ride it,people driving by checking the bikes out etc. Lots of fun.
    My next project I'm thinking about building is a 7 speed GIANT STILLETO chopper bike with an old 1982 air cooled 80cc two stroke Kawasaki KX80 engine. I got a 1982 KX80 dirt bike on Craigslist for 80 bucks & fixed it up with a new piston,rings,carb,etc. Should go about 60mph & still have pedals & look really good too :) I will post pictures too.

  2. Here are some pics of of my Scwinn Point Beach Cruiser with a Honda GXH50 and stage III gearbox.

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    good lookin' bikes... I love Texans. Welcome to the site... happy to have you here.
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    Nice ride !!!!

    Welcome !! I also have a point beach with a GEBE and I live in Texas !!!