Howdy from Texas


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May 30, 2008
Hi all,

Spent about a week so far lurking about. I'm 6'7, 265#. Currently ride my Trek 4500 just over 12 miles roundtrip to work on street slicks, but I definitely have to shower after each leg. Out in dry, hot, windy west Texas right now.

Moving to the DFW area soon, will have a bit longer commute at around 18-20 miles roundtrip (actually will be catching a train at the end of the commute - I'm definitely concerned about theft). Also will not have as easy access to a shower. Of course that eventually led me here.

Appreciate all the great advice, I think I'm wearing the search feature out.

Looking at a rack mounted 4-stroke GEBE, Staton-Inc, or Dax's Titan. All look like solid options for me. Thanks so much for all the great discussions on pros/cons/likes/dislikes. Obviously have much more to learn, but I'll keep searching and post my specific questions in the (hopefully) right forums.

Take care,



Well another who lives in hot, dusty and dry West Texas. You gonna miss this place when you get to big D!
I ride a 700 with a Demension Edge scrubber. It pushes my 6-1 270 rear over 35. I have it geared now with a 1 inch roller to buck the wind. Using the 1.75 nd a little tail wind I have hit 45 on it on the flat. It looses it when you hit what passes for a hill here on the southern end of the Llano Estacado or you face into one of those breezes we are noted for here.
Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!