Howdy from Texas

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    I found this forum thanks to trikeman up there on the AZ forum. They're mostly pedal and electric (read Green) power.

    I ordered and received an 80 CC kit and am in the process of shoehorning it into a new Trek Cruiser. I looked over all my raggedy bikes and decided to finally buy one from my LBS instead of a box store. I have a few questions on that but I'll leave 'em for the right place.

    As an old grizzly bearded shade tree type I'm not afraid to tackle anything. Well, I don't have a mill or lathe but I'm equipped for just about anything else.

    I also repair and restore lawnmowers and garden equipment.

    In a previous life I repaired mini and mainframe computers.

    Enough for now. I just wanted to say "How y'all are?"