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    Howdy Y'all. I own a small shop in Tomball Texas, close to Houston. I have been riding and racing dirtbikes for forty years. We opened our shop just as a side business three years ago, We sell new and used dirtbikes , streetbikes, scooters, ATV's We have been a Whizzer dealer for the last two years. I have enjoyed this forum for a while now, and I appreciate all the great info that has helped me get the most out of my bikes. I am having more fun with my Whizzer's and the other Motorbikes we have built than I have had on two wheels in a long time. I put my first 09 NE R together today, and I really like it, rides nice, and the cvt is really smooth. I was a little worried about the NE R because I wasn't a big fan of the Ambassador , but I think they have done a nice job with this bike. Thanks again for all of the help. Kenny

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    Welcome to the forum. Seems like you've got considerable experience yourself with two wheeled things so jump right in.