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    Hello everyone, obviously I am new to this forum, and to motorized bikes as well. A few days ago I ordered the 50cc engine from for $117(that includes shipping). I purchased a 50cc for the following reasons.
    -It's legal, from what i've read. (i read that anything under 50 and 20mph is legal. I can call it 49 :whistling: and nobody is going to have a speed radar on me, so nobody knows how fast it goes unless i tell them.)
    -I live in deep south Texas(bout 20min. from the border) so there aren't any hills i would need to climb.
    -I weigh 130(on a full stomach) :grin5:

    I plan to put it on my pops' Raleigh SC40

    Figured it would be perfect
    -Plenty of room to mount the engine
    -Cruising tires
    -Seat-post shocks
    -Front shocks
    -Gel Seat
    -Very responsive brakes

    I worked out a little deal with him. I did about $40 worth of yard work today, and i told him he could keep the money, if he let me put the motor on his bike(wouldn't fit on mine). He said sure, and told me i need to mow once more when the grass gets long. He never rides the bike so i knew he would let me.

    Well hopefully sometime this week the kit will come in. Sorry for such a long post, but i just wanted ya'll to know what my setup was.


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    welcome aboard.

    Nothing wrong with a long intro post. In fact, long with plenty of info is exactly what they ought to be.

    I've bought two 49ccs from dax and I've been perfectly happy with them.

    And it looks like you've got a good bike for the job.

    You'll have fun.
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    ill post some bigger pics of the bike, and ill take some pictures as i install the kit.