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Hi folks,

My name is Bob Hupp from beautiful downtown Truth or Consequences, NM where it's a balmy 98 degrees at the moment.

I recently decided that it was stupid to drive a 15mpg car daily on a 2 1/2 mile commute. I've been coming in on the bicycle but there are a couple of loooooooonng hills that make that more of a chore than I'd like. It sounds like adding a motor to the bike is the answer. I was originally looking at electric kits for the short distances that I'd be riding but the difference in price and hill climbing ability between the electric and gas kits has me leaning toward gas at the moment.

I'm currently looking at kits from spooky tooth in AZ or thatsdax in CO. Any advice on how either of these people are to deal with would be appreciated. Are there any other kits that I should be looking at?

At this point, any advice is appreciated.


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Dec 15, 2006
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you can research both of those vendors using our search ! :cool:


Apr 23, 2007
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azkronic is right plenty of info about both vender's is available by searching.

I have personally dealt with both and have nothing bad or even neutral to say about either.

Either one would be tie for my first choice.


I've been to both Holloman and Cannon AFB in the Land of Entrapment. With the distance your talking about you should be able to use any 24-48v system with light pedaling without having to charge except when you get home.


With the distance your talking about you should be able to use any 24-48v system with light pedaling without having to charge except when you get home.

I agree with you on that score. There are a couple of hills on the route that are making me lean toward a gas bike. There is an RV park at the head of the street where I live and I had the opportunity to watch one of the residents on his eGo heading downtown. He wound up walking it up one of the hills. If it weren't for that concern, I might go electric.

Another factor is cost. Picking the Wilderness Energy hub motor as an example: That runs about $450 plus shipping. The dax 65cc kit is running about $150 plus shipping. That's a difference in price of $300. Assuming that the after purchase expenses on the electric are zero and that the only cost to running the gas bike is the cost of gas, that means that at $3/gallon I would have to use 100 gallons of gas before it would be more economical to run an electric. 100 gallons of gas at, say, 100 miles to the gallon means that I would have to run 10,000 miles before break even. Since my commute is about 2.5 miles each way, that equates to about 2000 days of riding or a little under 5 1/2 years.

I agree that there are benefits to the electics. I just wish that they made more economic sense.


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Over in the SE corner east of Hobbs. Welcome to the forum. Before you get settled on on type or supplier, check out the different types of gasoline powered. They are quite efficient, have power and can be used for other transportation. Like FUN.
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My best advice would be to grab a beverage (I prefer coffee, but that's just me), settle in, and browse through all the different forums MB.c has to offer. there are many different types of systems, and researching them all will better help you narrow down which might be best for your application...
Have fun, don't be shy; dig in, and ask questions when you have them.