Howdy! from the outerbanks

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  1. mikevanky

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    This is mike from Ocracoke, NC. (its an island)
    I'm 15 yo and I got my bike running about a month ago!
    The bike i built from spare parts at the dump, and the motor kit was 120 on
    e-bay. The only thing i had to buy was a puller for a gear on the motor!
    Its a sweet ride, and I love it!

    Ive found the forum very useful!

    Thanks a bunch!

  2. Happy Valley

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    Hi Mike from OBX, welcome to MBc.

    Now, how about you welcome us all down there for a ride and some of that world class Pamlico fishing? :D
  3. layboomo

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    Hi Mike and welcome. I'm a newbie too at 49 and I'm building my first bike this week as soon as I decide on a donor bike. I wish I had gotten into MB at 15 but that was back in the dark ages. LOL You live in one of my favorite parts of the country! I usually make it down to the OBX once a year to fish, and relax with the dogs on the beach for a week. I love it down there! You are a lucky guy to live and ride in such a beautiful place. I'm jealous:cool2:
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  4. mikevanky

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    yeah, when you come down give me a shout.
    we can motor around and see the sights, and to the beach as well! haha