Howdy from the Panhandle of Nebraska

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by jpcourtney, Jul 3, 2008.

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    Been lurking here for some time reading and learning, trying to decide what I wanted for wheels. I looked at everyone's twists, turns and variations on their bikes and ended up with a--Black Classic Whizzer! I'm a classic kinda guy and liked the nostalgic looks. My grandfather had a Yale, Indian and a Harley before the war--World War I:eek:

    There's a wealth of information and knowledge on this forum, so I'll be regular around here.


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    hi jp; you are right, it is amazing the number of things to think about. i chose a raliegh from 86, single speed, big tire, big seat, pull backs. if you are interested in a rack or friction application. you might look at they have a range of 2stroke engines up to 49cc. they offer pull starts and many scooter parts that will work on out bikes. welcome and HAPPY 4TH OF JULY. mitch
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    I live in Lincoln.

    Just ordered a Golden Eagle 35cc kit for my Mountain Bike.
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    Just there

    We were in Lincoln at a family reunion last weekend. The reunion was at the VFW way out west on A St. and we stayed at our cousin's near 70th and O St. Thought about having my Whizzer in Lincoln, 'cause the traffic was nuts (so were the drivers). Be Safe!
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    Howdy. Welcome aboard, I think you'll like this joint really well.

    I gotta say - if the traffic in Lincoln seems bad, you do live out in the country.