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    hi everybody, im new to this group, and im building a motorized bicycle for my wife to ride around. we live in southern vermont, so she should have a blast riding the 6 miles to her work on nice days. i ride a motorbike, and if she likes hers, maybe ill build myself one too.-Joey

    p.s. im a road race motorcycle mechanic, have worked in the racing industry for 7 years, working in AMA pro racing, club racing, and AHRMA vintage. i currently work at AMF Motorsports in new hampshire WWW.AMFMOTORSPORTS.COM designing and building shocks for all sorts of motorsport applications.
    cheers, Joey
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    Welcome to MBc. Joey !!! I'll bet you can come up with some cool ideas when you do your build.Keep us informed.
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    Welcome from the Keystone State. Waiting for warm weather here too.

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    Hi joey, welcome to MBc! Home of many answers, and awaiting your ideas. I have a welder and a good imagination. Please make sure you throw some of your ideas out there. Thanks!
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    Those racing skills would be most welcomed here. Even though some of us are mechanics, racing was not my scene, taxis,brakes and general stuff on motor cars was once the main game, eons ago.
    We can all contribute never the less.
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    Now that you have posted once in here start a thread in picture gallery and show us some pics...oh btw welcome to MBc, happy motoring!
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    Welcome Joey. You'll love it here.
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    Welcome aboard, Joey. Glad you're here.
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    Hello from a fellow Vermonter! I just joined the forum and saw you were from Vermont. We're a thin lot up here! Anyhow, hello and happy motoring!