Howdy from West Texas

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So I am going to start my first build in a week or two, once it's all delivered that is, and wanted to have some more experienced heads to bounce ideas off of. Not to mention bailing me out with advice when I hit the snags that will come along eventually.

My mechanical skills are pretty much basic automotive stuff; plugs/ wires, oil changes, stuff from a Hayne's 'Idiot Manual' etc, etc. I can rebuild a carb, but would rather pay someone else to enjoy that lovely bit of misery instead. These don't seem as intimidating as a 4 barrel Holley is.

I picked the motorized bicycle project because they look really fun and are a lot more practical than those other projects of mine were (2 sailboats and 2 teardrop trailers.) I enjoyed building all of them thoroughly, but once completed the ex-wife raised holy-hell everytime I wanted to go play with them. That is one of the reasons for 'ex.' Now, I will happily ride off into the sunset, on my bike, without her...

If you're wondering about the handle, it's my henchman persona. I have others as well; bluesman, Roman, Cajun, luchadore. I try to keep my real name off the internet as much as possible, so might as well have some fun with it, that's all.

Thanks for being here and I am looking forward to meeting you guys and hearing about all of your adventures in the motor-bike world! I have always felt that it is the misadventures that make the adventure interesting, because if EVERYTHING went as planned, you wouldn't remember it as vividly.

Love, Peace and chicken grease!
This was the platform I ordered from Wal-Mart. It was based on a review, to paraphrase, "perfect for motor bike!" It isn't.


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This was the platform I ordered from Wal-Mart. It was based on a review, to paraphrase, "perfect for motor bike!" It isn't.
I ditched the little basket on front for a larger, basket.
To be honest, with the Sage colored bike frame, I'm kinda going for that WWI bike courier look. Of course, I will have the baskets.
The best advice I can give you from the get go, is find out how strictly the local police enforce the guidelines pertaing to motorized bicycles in Texas; if you plan ride on the public road ways. Others in the past have tried to use the self propelled defense only to get a ticket anyways. In the state of Texas to be considered a moped it has to be made by a certified manufacturer. The certified manufacturers list is updated every 90 days. There's a statute that states mopeds have to be made by a certified manufacturer but it isn't applied to electric bicycles or motor assisted scooters.

Here's what can be self built and isn't required to be made by a certified manufacturer.


Sec. 551.351. DEFINITIONS. In this subchapter:
(1) "Motor-assisted scooter":
(A) means a self-propelled device with:
(i) at least two wheels in contact with the ground during operation;
(ii) a braking system capable of stopping the device under typical operating conditions;
(iii) a gas or electric motor not exceeding 40 cubic centimeters;
(iv) a deck designed to allow a person to stand or sit while operating the device; and
(v) the ability to be propelled by human power alone; and
(B) does not include a pocket bike or a minimotorbike.

Pedals can be considered a form of a deck. Now that being said you may be in an area where the guidelines aren't strictly enforced as long as you fully and completely obey all the traffic laws. However, another city may treat you like one of the worst criminals ever.
Thanks for the head's up. I will just tell them that I am a historical replication enthusiast and I am trying to rebuild the origins of motorcycles, just to see where Harley-Davidson/ Indian started.
Because, that is what we are doing here. Replicating original motorcycles.
The design hasn't changed it 100 years. A bicycle with an engine, that is ALL they are. Yeah, they got rid of the peddles, but it's the SAME design.
I am not a weirdo, I'm a History recreationist.
This was the platform I ordered from Wal-Mart. It was based on a review, to paraphrase, "perfect for motor bike!" It isn't.
Here she is with the tank and motor PLACED, haven't received the mounts yet nor the material to Fab mounts for the tank.
But, can you see the 'Courier' motif there?


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That is a great clutch handle. They don't have those a lot anymore. Look into a brake upgrade soon.
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