howdy! ive read thru many, MANY Florida MB law posts but cant find an answer

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  1. spunout

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    ive just spent an hour and a half looking thru florida law posts and now i'm dizzy *falls down*.
    either there hasnt been a clear answer to whether MB's require a valid DL or not, or i'm just not finding it.
    i've seen many different links, laws, interpretations, etc but no "final word" on this matter.
    any clear "yes" or "no" answer with proof would be much appreciated. thanks guys :)

  2. The_Aleman

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    I've read Florida law threads many times and it really just ends up coming down to the letter of the law.

    In Florida, gas MBs are considered mopeds and have to be registered. To be registered, they must meet (or get around) requirements for the federal Motor Vehicle Safety Act, because they are considered motor vehicles. You must have a license to ride a moped in Florida. If you ride an unregistered gas MB in Florida, you are technically breaking the law. If you're riding one without a license, you're breaking 2 laws.

    If you have an electric MB, then you don't need a license, but you're legally limited to 20MPH. Florida doesn't consider e-bikes to be motor vehicles.

    There's a few members here who ride their bikes around in Florida and don't have any problems with the law. But if a Florida cop is having a bad day and wants to bust you, you're SOL on a gas MB unless it's registered and you have a license.

    Straight from the Florida DMV site:
  3. occchopperfl

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    I agree with Aleman.

    IMHO... YES.

    IF you are able to register your gas motorized bicycle, it becomes a Moped, (a motor vehicle) and a drivers license is required.

    I am speaking from 1st hand experience.

    Never ticketed either.

  4. gmoney

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    I saw on craigslist where they have it posted in the bike section,you can legally ride a motorbike. If it has pedals & you keep it under 20 mph.. Also I once read a statute stating the same thing.So until I get pulled over,I am going to wear mu helmet & use rear veiw mirrors & assume I am within my rights.Nuff Said.