Howdy! Newb! Could use some advice on parts and such

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    Howdy from Arizona folks! I'm planning on putting a Robin Subaru rig on with a friction drive. A neighbor has one and I've been pretty impressed with it.

    Plus I really have watched 4 people try to work with the Chinese engines and none of them stand up for any real length of time. Some of them fail in a couple of weeks. I ran my own scooter and moped shop a couple um....decades ago so it's not a sport I'm exactly unfamiliar with. But bicycles are kinda different.

    I got this Raleigh M60 Mountain Sport bike from a dude for $35. Nothing impressive about it. It's right-hand shifter (Shimano Alivio) is all bashed up. The perch with it's integrated hand brake bracket is fine, it's just the shifter itself that's all kinda missing. Is this something we fix with parts or something we just replace?

    If replacement is the way to go, any pointers on a good, cheap online parts supplier?

    Also, what are we doing for lights on these things? Are the little tire-spun generator light systems still cool or is that a thing of the past?

    After I get the Robin rig going the next order of business is to hook up a utility flatbed trailer deal and I've got 80% of my transportation needs covered.

    See you guys on the streets hopefully! Rubber side down!

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    Welcome to the forum. you're off to a good start.