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  1. HuckleBerry

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    Hi, I am fairly new to motorized bikes, I am an bicycle engine tech here in Bozeman, MT. Started work in Sep 2012.

    I've been working on mostly 4 strokes and just very recently 2 stroke engines.

    I have built three bikes with 4 stroke engines and kits, and they turned out great.

    My latest build "just to get some experience with 2 strokes":detective:, is an average Huffy mountain bike.
    I have in stalled a 2 stroke engine and kit on it, my trouble is that I can not get it to start.
    I have checked for spark, the end of the plug had fuel on it so I know its getting some fuel, and it should be getting air because it is new, but for the life of me no matter how hard I pedal, it will not start.:confused:

    any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank yall for building such a helpful forum, and welcoming me aboard.

  2. Anton

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    Hey welcome to the forum!

    Check the compression if you can.

    If you haven't already tried it try spraying some starter fluid into the carby while turning the engine over. This will help determine if it is a carby problem.

    One problem another member had with a 2stroke 66cc bike motor was that the timing was wired 180 degrees out. He had spark, he had fuel and he had compression but he could not get the engine to fire. So try wiring the blue engine wire to the black CDI wire, and the black engine wire to the blue CDI wire. It seems unlikely that this could happen but since the engines are made cheaply in china this may well be the problem.
  3. HuckleBerry

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    Thanks Anton, I was able to get it running last night, I had to adjust the needle valve to the top notch.
    Then it ran, but keeps quitting when I try to let it idle, I'm going to mess with the mixture later today.

    Something that concerned me is that this morning I found beneath the muffler there was the normal black oil spot but then there was also clean oil with metal flakes in it. Is that normal for the first run?
  4. DoIt AllPauls

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    my 2 stroke did the same thing

    I tried the starter fluid did not work but gas did so good luck getting it to stay started.
  5. Anton

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    Just so you know there is no mixture screw on these NT carbies. You adjust the mix using the c-clip or by changing out the needles. The screw on the NT carby is the idle screw. If the engine is runing ok then all you have to do is adjust the idle screw to get it to idle. See this great post for more info on tuning:

    The metal flakes sound like the chrome plating from the exhaust coming off - nothing to worry about!
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  6. HuckleBerry

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    Thanks to the Carby Tuning Basics, it's running good now I had to move the C clip to center and increase the idle speed.
    Thanks for all the help!:detective:
  7. darwin

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    Welcome, are you employed as a bicycle engine tech or just building them yourself? Just never heard of anyone earning wages as a bicycle engine tech, unless employed by a major dealer like Venice motor bikes etc...
  8. HuckleBerry

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    Yes Sir I am employed as an engine tech at Birddog Distributing.