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    I'm very interested in a motorized bike. Still trying to make the decision between a gas powered one or an electric one. That's why I'm here. Hopefully, I can make a decision with help from you all. Thanks

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    Howdy to you!

    I like the gas myself, but that's just me... I'm sure you'll find all you need on this site!!! :cool:
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    Well first go onto your states website like for me its

    and look up Motorized bike laws and see if your allowed gas powered bikes, you may not to be able to use them, you may have to go electric. For me the law is over 16 and under 200 watts, i am 14 and got like 500 watts.

    Really most people on here aren't riding legal but most cops dont care as long as u ride safely and have your bike fitted with the right gear ( mirrors, lights ect. ) If you dont ride like a loony people wont mind, just in case wen u see a cop go slow and pedal, wen its on a road they most likely wont hear you unless your going fast. A bike rider doesnt usually ride 50km either so go about 20km so the engine is on idle and take the back streets.

    Its also up to you, do you like the maintenance of a gas, do you like to fiddle with carby's, fuel and smell of fuel, or do you like the quiet sound of an electric. Electrics are pretty much always going to be legal to ride so you dont have to worry when you see a cop but there pretty expensive to get the same power from a $300 gas motor, an electric will be like $500+.

    So yeh really its all up to you which one you like. You can get a gas one licensed i mean its not much, its like $20 to get it licensed so no hassle if your over 16.

    Hope that helps,

    From Brendon.v