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    I'm running a 65cc china motor on a 1947 Monarch cruiser frame. I'm into doing some porting and ignition mods on the motor. I live in santa cruz, ca., and I've always been a gearhead/improvisor...always looking for a reason to hang out in the shop and figure stuff out.

  2. terrence

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    Welcome and glad your here. Were always looking for another gearhead/improvisor.
    Lots of reading in the archives to get your wheels turning. terrence
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    welcome home-made J, i just did the porting witch egor talks about, it acctualy changes the port timing. that was the biggest improvement for my bike yet. i did the port matching of the intake and exhaust, then built an expansion chamber, well modified, wow what a change. then built a jack shaft shifter kit, cool climb hills and go fast, but nothing helped like the porting. probley got another 1000 rpm or more and theres a power band in these little things to if you dare go that high in the revs. look around here for porting, its a post by egor. HEY!! DO A WHEELIE! hill climber