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    Been Lurking here for a few weeks. Thought it might be time to actually join the forum. Not really, I was just going to respond to a post about solar stuff.

    I am not really a family friendly kind of guy LOL, but know how to act that way.

    My bicycle had been sittling in the garage, unridden since I got sick. I used to ride it just about everyday. I am not a spandex type I just liked to ride it around. When I couldn't pedlle it any more I just let it gather dust in the garage.

    I thought about building an electric bike, but the cost was too much. So I ended up building a 2 stroker. You can see my exploits at or

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    Welcome to the forum. The 2 stroke motor will provide good speed and range. It's low risk. Some e-bike kits offer optional solar chargers. The electric hub-motor kits were attractive to me (very green), but the lower price led me back to a 2 stroke powerplant. Cheers