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    Hello from Atlanta Ga...

    Im a mechanic at a local bike shop and I had a customer come in with a rear wheel that needed tire yesterday... It had some funky gear sandwiched to the hub flange. I asked him about it and he told be it was motorized bike, gave me a website,

    I checked it out last night and now Im hooked... Growing up in the big city with an over protective mom, I was never allowed a motorcycle. I got into BMX, XC and finally DH mtb racing untill a crash tore my ACL. Since then Ive been riding bikes for fun and fixing them for a living. Im very into DIY projects. Im taking classes to become a certified TIG welder. Ive got a turbocharged classic Saab that ive been playing with and have done some serious modding to. That has given me a lot of confidence working on engines. As in trouble shooting, how they work ect... Tho I know a 2 cycle engine is a bit different...

    I dont have a kit yet, I checked out and they have some decent stuff. Some googling led me to Gas Bike and then to these forums. I do have a donor bike in mind. its a modern 26" aluminum cruiser/klunker style frame. I have it built up with a new style Sturmey Archer 3spd hub, Fox Float front suspension fork. Profile 3pc BMX cranks. Sun rynolite rims.. Its a good soild build. I am not sure if Im going to build rear cassette wheel, or run the Sturmey... I just hope the frame is large enough! its a 19" seat tube. But the downtube has a large cruve to it.

    Ive got a few things to figure out, Ill be lurking around asking dumb questions for a bit... Id like to get a kit ordered in the next week. I want to ride!!



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    Well, in all honesty, from that pic I don't think you can shoe-horn an engine into that frame.

    You might be better off rack-mounting an engine and using something like the Grubee drive system. Alternatively, get creative - rack mount the engine over the rear wheel, then run its output chain loop to a secondary free-wheel capable drive sprockt jut inboard of the crank sprocket, run the power through the 3-speed hub. Doing that might work best if you put a short jackshaft just behinf the seat tub below wjere it meets the top tube, but honestly that might not be needed. SickBikeParts sells a fine jaxckshaft and components system designed to do just what I've described, but using an HT engine as the power source.

    Look around the photo albums, and the pictures threads - lots of ideas realized by some very creative people.
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    good post simon.
    as mentioned i have only seen success at wedging a happytime into this frame with alot of modding and custom fitting so its up to you. as a reliabile commuter i would do as suggested and rack mount something over the rear wheel to a jackshaft.
    search jackshaft and whatnot do some looking of your own to fuel the fire! and welcome to mbc!