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    I don't have a "Motorized Bike" yet, but I have been into riding stand-up scooters both gas and electric for nearly 10 years now, and I have been a member as well as a Moderator on several scooter message boards for just as long.

    I found this board due to a link put up on the Endless-Sphere EV board about the untimely passing of Rhette :icon_cry: (R.I.P.) and believe that it is likely I know several other members on here from the Santa Cruz area who also used to be into the scooter racing scene but now bomb the forest on motorized bikes :devilish:

    I like to yak, can be entertaining if not long winded at times, and have a propensity to use the emoticons to emote emotion into the often boring and one dimensional world of flat text :cool:

    I am looking forward to reading and participating on here, as well as meeting and talking to some new motor heads.

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    Hello and welcome to MBc.
    You probably noticed when you registered how inexpensive emoticons are here, only $1 each!
    You did read the fine print, right? j/k :devilish:
    Jump right in, the yaking's fine.