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    Hello there Guys and Gals,

    I've been lurking around this awesome forum for a couple months and finally had to join. I'm slowly gaining the motivation and information I need to start in on motorizing a bike.

    I live in the far east... of Canada so my regular biking season is drawing to a close soon but that mostly just means I have more time to spend in the garage building things! :whistling:

    For my opening act I'd like to share with you fine folks a sample of my loony garage tinkering as chronicled in my blog thing... it's even bike related:

  2. Froshmasta

    Froshmasta New Member

    In case anyone is curious I've completed my bike trailer thinger and posted another video. Looks like it will be sturdy enough to bring lots of good junk home out of other people's garbage. :grin5: free building materials and tinkering supplies are my favorite kind!