Howell 80cc/50cc parts, kit being dismantled 50% off retail



50% off for all kit parts i got. im scraping it. everything is in great condition. used for 5 months only.

i got everything you see here on this page:(and pages 2/3 of parts)
see the price, then divide in half to know what you pay geting it from me.
Plus i got the whole 80cc kit.

extras i baught were:
Nice clutch lever, (the best one)
two bosch spark plugs,$2.5 , BRAND new, one is the platinum plug. $3.50
my chain is also new. $3
new gas tubing, and high grade inline feul filter. ($3)
1.5 mm wide engine sprocket counter shaft sprocket. This
10 tooth engine sprocket allows you to run 415 chans (50% offl list)

you can call me at 310 734 6800 for details etc.
Or email me at myohon[at]
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