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    hi my name is sam, i'm 19 from dublin ireland and have just started getting in to the mb scene. i have just ordered myself a 2009 Schwinn Classic AL Cruiser, and a 69.7cc Starfire GenI GT4. it should all arrive on wednesday. i'll keep ye's updated. also if there are any other irish riders out there gizz a shout.:helmet:

    * Frame: Light Alloy Classic Cantilever Design; 7000 Series Alloy, Kickstand, Fender & Rack Mounts
    * Fork: Steel Unicrown w/ Rack Mounts
    * Bottom Bracket: One piece 24 tpi
    * Rims: Alloy 26" x 2.125 x 36 holes
    * Hubs: Schwinn approved 2-speed kick back Coaster Brake, 36H
    * Tires: Whitewall
    * Brake Levers: Alloy
    * Stem: Phantom Alloy
    * Saddle: Schwinn Classic Padded Dual Spring Saddle
    * Extras: Two-Tone Paint, Clear Coat, Feather-style C/G, Schwinn Classic Padded Dual Spring Saddle and fenders
    * Color: White/Red

    i was slightly worried about mounting do you think it should go on without any problems or mods? :sweatdrop: all info would be great.
    and i look forward to meeting you all.

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    Hello, Sam and welcome aboard.

    You're the first Irish member that I know of. If it counts, I'm half-Dutch and half-Irish (relatively pure blooded for a Yank. I'm almost proud of that. Though I do identify with the Dutch side more. But you should see my mother and her family..)

    Good intro post you have there. I imagine your engine will fit. If you have over-sized tubes that might cause a bit of trouble. But you'll find fixes for that here. I'd avoid drilling through the frame.

    Good luck and have fun.
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    thanks very much, ye theres no way i'm going to be drilling this frame it cost to much.

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    that's a fine looking bike for the job.

    I don't recognize it. I wonder if it's not marketed in the USA.