How's this for a Trike???

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by Al.Fisherman, Aug 5, 2011.

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    Sweet! Looks like a buckboard. I'd like to see the back end of it....engine & power train.
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    That thing is beautiful!
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    It may be, but I'd never get it started...can't use starting fluid on diesel... although WD-40 would do the trick.
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    yep you can..... just not on the new ones
    not so good on ones with glowplugs
  8. That is considered the world's first automobile, by Carl Benz. It used an early form of gasoline, called benzine, was a 4 stroke, had a wick type carburettor, and a hot tube ignition. The spark plug was invented a few years later to replace the not very reliable hot tube. I'll bet the compression ratio was pathetic by today's standard. Gottlieb Daimler brought out his first "car" at about the same time. It looked more like a motorcycle with training wheels. It wasn't long before Benz and Daimler joined forces and Daimler-Benz were building Mercedes Benz cars soon after.
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    yes you can use starting fluid in a diesel.
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    Now that was just too cooooool! :tt1: