Hoyts hellcat baffle

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    Hi all its been a while...Just wanted to update progress...Been running the bike about 3 months now and all is well so far...Took a 2nd and 3rd prize in a couple different shows ! Just added the "Hoyts Hellcat" baffle a got a few months ago and promised him I would talk about it....First is the baffle...It fit perfectly one I got the stock baffle out...The stock baffle didnt come out very easy at all but once it did I just slipped the new "Fat Man" baffle in and WALLA!...I'm running it rich for a while to make sure there are no problems and pull the spark plug pretty regular and so far so good ! Anyway to make a long story short this baffle is WAY COOL ! LOTS of BEEFY sound a little more torque...As far as a speed increase goes I think that may have to be tested later cuz I still havent pushed the motor to "full on"...I plan on putting one of these baffles in my next gas project !