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May 11, 2008
So I finally passed the 100 mile mark after having been liberated from friction drive. It runs great. Excepting for the fact that my 43cc Mitsubishi often seems to balk and hesitate for about 12 miles after refueling. It like it has to adjust itself to the new fuel. Up here we have only gas that is "Reformulated" That is to say is has this really toxic stuff like MTBE which goes straight to the ground water and stays there like mercury or lead in the body. And the gas has 10% ethanol. It it were not for the E3 spark plug ( like SplitFire) the motor would really be a beyatch to start and get going. And luckily with the centrifugal clutch I don't have to reach back and fiddle the choke as much while moving.

As far top end I'd say I'm tickling the underside of 40 mph on the flat. I would like to get that up to 45 mph. I hate having to default / move over to the right side "scooter lane" when the traffic starts out pacing me. Plus I'm getting cut off way too much. I'd be safer being able ride dead center in the lane like the other vehicles. It like you become less visible in the scooter / bicycle lane. To "stupid" drivers I am seemingly invisible and only become visible when I launch a curse/cuss for nearly taking me out. Which I hate having to do but an "Effing D-head!!:eek::mad:" can be educational for the offender and maybe save the next biker.

Anyhoo, has anyone put a Hp carb on there 43cc Mit or knock-off? And what is the difference btw stock and HP carb? I'm guessing the stock carb is 13mm and the HP is like 15 or 16mm.

Normally I would be leery to try to trick out a small motor but i have an exhaust manifold spacer which makes the engine run cooler so I should be ok with the thermal stress of higher output.

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