HS 53cc 4G 4-stroke Pantera 7S

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  1. KCvale

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    This is my first build with the larger 53cc HS 144F-1G engines I bought.
    It is the same dimensions as the 49cc 142F-1G, just a bit bigger bore.

    Regardless, to fit it in a Pantera I make a new front plate for the 4G base, and then pull out the choke lever, cut it down, and then offset so it is easier to operate under the top bar.



    The box exhaust is replaced with a free flowing muffler that is surprisingly quite.
    The spark plug is upgraded to an Iridium.
    It has a 2.5L (2/3 gallon) filtered gas tank and inline fuel filter.
    4G independent transfer case with 5:1 reduction and freewheel pulley with 10T solid output sprocket.
    HD tubes and tire liners front and rear.
    Independent front and rear V-brakes.
    Pull start and automatic clutch.
    Back rack, foam grips, and the white wall tires replaced with black walls.
    And of course my cabling work ;-}

    All in all a nice easy to operate stylish commuter I think, and I can indeed feel the extra power.
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  2. 2old2learn

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    Nice looking cruiser KC. Clean.
  3. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Thanks for the kudos 2old.

    Builds like that are 3 days here, a day just to get the engine to fit in that small cavity, and once it runs another day just to dress it up and test ride/tune it.

    I am digging these 53cc engines, it's only 4cc more than the HS 49, but you can feel when you hit normal 49cc demand limits, especially with some performance help.
  4. 2old2learn

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    Your killing me. Mines almost a year from when I started my project planning and it's not quite finished yet! I've concluded that I must be a masochist.
  5. wheelbender6

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    Another great looking thumper, KC. It's cool the way you were able to keep the chain guard with that tight fitting motor.
  6. KCvale

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    Thanks WB.
    It takes a little cutting, bending and drilling but the chain guard can fit.

    A blue left side chain guard would really compete it with the full fenders but that does just fine.

    A year for yours 2old?
    Bummer bud.
    How can I help?