HT 49cc VS 70cc - Difference?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Alternity, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. Alternity

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    Hi, I'm in a state that requires over 50cc to be registered and insured.

    Looking at the HT 2-stroke motors I'm trying to decide of the 70cc version is worth the trouble. Is there a large enough performance gain to the 70cc over the 49cc to make it worth it? Is the MPG worse on the 70cc? Generally do people notice a large difference?

    Thanks for the help :).
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  2. HI,

    I have the 70 and like it....I have read that the basic difference is that the 70 has more torque and supposedly the 50's rev faster....Can't say from personal experience tho...FWIW the larger engines aren't marked as to displacement....Well at least the 70s I've gotten through Dax ;-)

  3. TWalker

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    70's are more powerful, not as well balanced IMO, lesser quality IMO again, more trouble.

    The Chinese quality fade seems to have hit the 80's/70's harder. They were so popular the factories just pushed em out. I owned a 50 and my god that was a sweet motor...everything my 70's should be except for power.

    if you weigh less than say 175 a 50 may do.
  4. Alternity

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    I'm 160, so that shouldn't be a problem. Any idea how significant the power difference is? I'm leaning towards getting a 50cc.