HT 66'ed Landrider autoshift

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    My first build. The bike isa 2006 17" alloy frame, 26" alloy wheels Landrider with a2011 Grubee Skyhawk 66cc 2011 EPA engine. The chain isthe original HD 410 using a filed aluminum mini sprocket tensionerwheel and a 36 tooth rear sprocket lag bolted to a maple woodhub adapter. Top speed: 28 mph., fuel economy: 143 MPG using16:1 synthetic oil. I have since switched to 100:1 Opti-2 thatseems to run cooler and cleaner. The stock tensioner towerclamps to a factory elongated area of the frame reducing worryof it becoming loose and finding the spokes. Weight of themotorized bike is about 57 lbs. Before adding the motor; beingridden on flat trails, the autoshift seemed to gravitate either thelowest speed or the highest speed gear ratios. I'm not a bigfan of the autoshift feature, but I prefer having it with themotorbike over having it as a pedal only bike. It is helpfulthe bike is already in low gear when pushing off from a stop andalready in high gear when pedal assist riding on a hill. Not tomention the autoshift does not add another control to the alreadycluttered handle bar. Pedal assist fades out at about 20 mphwhich is still better than a single speed beach cruiser where thepedal assist would fade out at about 15 mph. The V brakeswith factory Wearline pads are still original. The material hasa rubber feel and has in my opinion, superior braking power tothe Kool-Stop pad material. The only repair due to normal wear& tear I have made to the bike is to replace the small belt fromthe wheel to the autoshift at cost of about $7.50 +frt. Anyonewho has dinked with coaster brake assemblies will appreciate the nononsense rear wheel bearings in the Landrider. They work sogood, I do not even know what they look like.

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    To carry groceries; panner bags and a wire basket can be clipped on:

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    The engine is concealed with acover made from a indoor-outdoor carpet remnant encased in plastic;held in place with a Velcro strap. While riding pastjoggers, they are less likely to detect a lack of conviction when itcomes to exercise with the engine cover in place.

    Spokesvisible behind the panner bags with green flags indicate spokesreplaced with stainless steel equivalent. In the initialinstallation of the custom made hub adapter, steel spacers were usedbetween the spokes, rubbing the spokes and causing 5 of them tobreak at the same time. Although brass or aluminum spacers maybe ok, the spacers were replaced with rubber cut from the stockpineapple. The cassette assembly may look standard and standardrepair tools may fit, this is not the case. The cassette is ahybrid and is not made to be removed from the wheel. There maybe some clever people that have figured out how to do it. Thereplacement spokes were successfully bent into place without removingthe cassette. Also the hub is a hourglass shaped customdiameter.

    Build modifications:

    5 inch wide aluminumcarrier
    Axiom Appalachian 20 single piece saddle style rear bikepanners (only fits 5 inch wide carriers)
    12" x 12" pegboard wire basket from Menards

    Jaguar CCI ignition with on/offswitch
    titanium light weight wrist pin
    Mirrycle mirror
    Dualpull brake lever
    Hindsight 35 digital rearview mirror/speedometer
    12 volt brake light
    LED headlight, strobe light,rear blinkie
    air cleaner made from a plastic chalk powder bottleand some rolled gauze cloth
    water (or gas) bottle carrier
    drytype chain oil (wet oil holds the grit)
    Exhaust support made from thin wall pipe

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    The LandRider doesn't use a cassette. They use a freewheel. You'll need a freewheel removal tool in order to get the freewheel off. The frames are made of steel; unless you have an Elite. Do the magnet test. Also if you plan to keep the factory rear wheel replace the axle with a Cro-Molly one.
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