HT cable snapped. MTB Brake cable ???

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by lildeezul, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. lildeezul

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    On my engine from powerking i was pulling the clutch in, (which is very hard , but i have hand muscles. :grin:) anyways the thing snapped on me.

    Can i use a old moutain bike brake cable for the clutch cable, as long as its long enough.
    I am pretty sure i can.

    My clutch sucks... when i lock it in place the motor still wants to move.

  2. NunyaBidness

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    yea that's what we did on me bro's bike when that happened
  3. Simon_A

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    Yep, thats what happened to me a week after I had my kit. The supplied cables are carp.
  4. eljefino

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    Yup, it'll work. I was pleasantly suprised with the $4 "tune up kit" from walmart with two long and two short cables; the cables had wax and the sheaths had nylon liners for real smooth operation.
  5. lildeezul

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    yeah i got them from walmart...

    But anyways my lever is still super hard to pull....

    Theres a little bolt thats threaded on the right side of the engine that the clutch cable goes through, i had turned that to create a better angle with the clutch arm.. But it is still super hard to pull..

    What are my other options... Also my cable tight, but i dont think it disengages the clutch arm fully becuase when i lock my lever in place, sometimes it can idle, and other times i can start my engine with the locked in place? what gives???

    please any advice is needed! thanks
  6. To make for an easier pull you could 1) turn the clutch arm inwards toward the engine. Just take off bolt, lift arm off, and turn inwards a few splines.
    2) take a short piece of tubing (I used copper) and extend the arm. I did both and can pull my clutch in with 1 finger. I also replaced lever and did the Walmart cables.....

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  7. lildeezul

    lildeezul Member

    I took the nut off, but i could get the clutch arm to budge....

    but ive been searching, and ima try the rolling door idea from LARGE
  8. hellbilly

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    I think Dax sells a longer clutch lever that you can use to replace the stock one. That should give you better leverage.
  9. Yep thats where I got the
  10. With a small screwdriver you have to pry it up from the bottom a little bit at a time from one side then the other. It is a tight fit......
  11. lildeezul

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    OK, i got that nut off, but then theres a washer, and i can pry it off.. it think my red locktite dripped, and hardened the washer to the arm..
    I tried a srewdriver and a hammer to pry it off. but it feels welded...

    Anyone had problems like this.

    also when i take the clutch arm off. everyone says theres supposed to be a ball, i dont see one, could someone point to where this ball is
  12. I wouldnt mess with it if it is on there that hard, you might break it and then you wont have to worry about how hard it WAS to pull......

    The ball is inside the engine, in front of the rod. The clutch arm pushed against the rod and the rod pushes against the ball.....
  13. lildeezul

    lildeezul Member

    oh ok then i good....

    well then misterright1.... if you dont ming helping me out... would you explain to me in detail, how you made the arm longer?
  14. I simply took the clutch arm off, ground the end down a little so that it would fit inside a peice of copper, and I soldered it onto the stock arm. I then flattened the end, and cut a slot for the cable. When I put the arm back on I just rotated it inward toward the engine a few splines and pushed it back onto the rod...
  15. lildeezul

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    Ok kool

    One more question..
    sorry to bug yall, but i dont want to make another topic.....

    I just bought a NGK b6hs spark plug, and the base looks longer than to stock LD z4c..
    but i guess it will cancel out, becuase it will stop turning sooner than the LD z4c
  16. I run a NGK plug also and I put them side by side and they are the same threaded length.....