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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by AussieSteve, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. AussieSteve

    AussieSteve Active Member

    I've got my clutch apart and all cleaned up. (No grease in the ball race in the clutch driving plate)
    I notice that any excess grease from this bearing will throw outward onto the clutch pads.
    There are three small holes in the back of the plate, aligned with the edge of the ball race and presumably for grease, but I don't want to apply too much. (I pulled the clutch down to clean grease from the pads and don't want them to immediately get covered in it again.)
    Just enough grease to wet the balls?
    Any recommendations from those who have done this?

    (ZBox 66cc Series 3)

    ... TIA Steve.

  2. AussieSteve

    AussieSteve Active Member

    Further to my original post, how does one get direct access to the ball race. ie. How does the 'ring gear' separate from the driven section?
    From my observation, there is a ring that needs to be heated before the two sections will come apart.
    The first pic below shows the ring I'm talking about. (Need to view at original size)
    The other two are front and rear pics of the partly disassembled clutch
    ... Steve

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  3. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    When i was trying to remove the clutch, relatively gently with a pair of screw drivers wedged in behind, it seperated into two parts, exposing the 57 or so ball bearings.

    Going to be interesting to see if it fits back together and if it will work correctly.

    Even after the clutch seperated on me, it was still a bugger to get the remaining clutch part off the clutch shaft.

  4. spad4me

    spad4me Member

    There are four places to grease
    The bean sized blob between the two gears.
    The ball race.
    Use aerosol grease or a needle tip on a grease gun.
    The actual clutch spring . Located under the carb is a cable end for the clutch. Remove it and fill the hole with grease.
    Reinstall it.
    The ball and pin in the drive sprocket .
  5. AussieSteve

    AussieSteve Active Member

    Everything's back together now. No problems with assembly or adjustment.
    Off for a ride soon.
    I greased the two gears and the ball race, but I think it was the grease that I squeezed into the clutch adjuster hole for the output shaft etc. that originally contaminated the clutch. A lot of the grease oozed out of the RHS output shaft bearing and thoroughly lubricated the clutch. (Wasn't slipping, though.)
    I cleaned every thing down to the bearing, but there is still a fair bit of grease in the output shaft cavity so I'm waiting to see if the problem repeats itself. I only hand-packed it and didn't use a grease gun but I still must have put too much in.

    ... Steve
  6. Dilly Bar Rob

    Dilly Bar Rob Member

    I use "Fluid Film" aerosol on the ball race. With the plate removed I just push the clutch in a little on the top to make the gap between the race and the clutch a bit wider and squirt some in there. If used sparingly it will quit things down and yet not run out all over the clutch pads.

    I also use the same lube on the chain(s), brake cables etc., works great, also does wonders to keep battery connections in your car free of corrosion.
  7. AussieSteve

    AussieSteve Active Member

    I might get some aerosol grease for next time. This time, I hand-greased it by putting a small blob of grease on each of the 3 holes behind the ball race, then forcing it in with my finger, while regularly spinning the bearing. I did this until a tiny bit of grease appeared on the upper flange. No problems.
    ... Steve
  8. GearNut

    GearNut Active Member

    Fluid Film is awesome stuff! I use it on all kinds of things. I never thought that a lanolin based lubricant could work so well.
  9. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    I put too much spray can grease in the 3 holes but the excess cleaned up easily with some alcohol (ethanol; not beer). No further problems.
  10. AussieSteve

    AussieSteve Active Member

    Aerosol brake cleaner is good for cleaning the clutch inserts. That's what I used. (Nulon 'BrakeClean').
    The beer wheelbender6 mentioned is good on the side while you're doing the clutch.
    (I make my own)
    ... Steve